Monday, December 31, 2012

Les Aimes Premiere, Rent Later

Given a true option, I will always choose comrades over personal comfort.

Case in point;
I would rather spent a month of rent towards a meal prepared by an amicable chef over a lease.

Connection is more fundamental to ones own being than such a simple luxury than a domicile.

In 30 days, the one night entertained by the company of comrades, and fed by the competence of a co-soul is more valuable, to me, than a place to call my own. This is not altruism. This is the value of community. There will always be a couch or a floor or a gutter or a Y to crash at... a night of sublime and privilege to be a recipient of another's will and skill of passion will always trump my personal comfort.

Simple things like wages, money or a place to crash are a dime a dozen...

to afford the sublime of mutual appreciation, the gourmand speaking here, is paramount.

If I had to trade a bed vs. affording a friend's services dictated by whomever they are employed by...

I choose friends.

Thus I call upon Orwell's "Down & Out in London & Paris."

I will survive the slings and arrow of the circuit, for a true gourmand.

"It is amazing how one can exist without the necessities of life as long as one has access to its luxuries."
to poorly paraphrase "Pitch Black."

On that note, I would cross the pond for a good meal - and as a guy, the possibility of a lay, but that is a distant secondary.

I know where my priorities lay.

If in my power, I will easily put comfort aside for the sake of an others' need.

I feel that, through my history, this is weird...

...but why?

I just don't get how connection is secondary to contentment.

They are one in the same right?


I would much rather put my own lack of resources in jeopardy for the sake of another and their company than to struggle and starve alone...

Mind you this is by no means altruism as I feel I gain more through these moments than anyone else...

So what is it?

I need people more than they need me?

Je ne sais bobkat....

...but if ever the call comes down the line,

I will steal cars,

hold up an Exxon,

or just whatever.

Its not me that is so sacred,

it's honest humanity.

Skipping the pond is a bit of a leap,

haven't been/ had to yet...

but its not beyond reach,

nor conception...

...but i hold nothing back.

That isn't a New Year's res by any means...'s just how i roll...

Happy Happy.

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