Tuesday, December 11, 2012



 This is what Robin Williams said is his least favorite word because of its coldness and negative connotation. It was on that show on IFC where that d-bag  interviews actors. (the one with Williams is a good one though. i think it's on youtube)

the problem here is slang. people start misusing words in an attempt to sound "smarter" (much like i do, but i try to consult the dic, and thos, as much as possible) and by misusing words and that misuse being accepted, culture simplifies its own language into meaninglessness. remember that ol' term "NewSpeak...?"  

It is a threat we have been warned about by our greatest literary minds since Shakespeare. (maybe more)

Have you watched a presidential debate? Watch it again and every time someone says something, judge it on the sole basis of a commitment to an action. If you make it al the way through the 90 minutes and have not messed yourself in some way, you have earned a Thorazine cookie.

If you are going to try and say something of substance (or Joy Division) at least know the OED definition of the words you plan to use.


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