Monday, December 3, 2012

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I was having a conversation earlier concerning lawyers as a general topic and, of those participating, the general consensus was more often than not little, if any, services (by means of results, in that bad or good as shift from the status quo)  were rendered for the payment asked to be given. Now, this is in no way saying lawyers are useless. I have had them save my ass on more than a few occasions. Rather, that there seems to be a fair amount of useless law that requires the hiring of peoples who (given their fervor for justice, expertise and efficiency in maneuvering a client through the trials of law) should have never studied law in the first place.

The scene cuts to inside a courtroom. The camera is positioned from the far back-right corner, looking down at the defendant being sworn in, as she takes the stand. The quivering young girl, in colorful 'traditional' Indian veil, gently rests her hand on the gold accented red leather book that makes the Bindi in the center of her smooth, auburn forehead all the much brighter. 

How is it legal to swear an oath upon something you believe against? And by against, I mean that I should (in this country, I would think) be aloud to not believe in something, thus not held to a standard dictated by the thing I don't believe in?

In that sense, it would not have been legal for Mittens to be sworn in as president as he follows the Book of Mormon; which is not the Bible. So, either he would have had to swear an oath on the Bible, which would make him a liar in the most black and white interpretation... or... he would have had to swear an oath on the Book of Mormon - which is different than what everyone else has had to swear an oath upon, thus implying different standards for different people for the same responsibility, thus invalid. The standards by which one gets into Heaven in the Bible vs. T BOM are inherently different as they are considered different faiths.... Just because the Book of Islam preaches a very similar moral code (practices are different yes, but faith, devotion, community, and respect for fellow members of the same faith) of that of Christianity, there is no way in Hell (pun intended) that this country could elect a Muslim president. And before anyone says anything, I know Obama is black, but as I understand it, that is not the same a Muslim.

Ahhh, the separation of church and state. In faith we trust.

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