Saturday, December 22, 2012

A musing on muses

There is something that is hard to explain to the nonbelievers. Well, many things. But what I refer to is the importance of the creative process. If you happen to be a follower or an administrator by conditioning you might as well close this window and go masterbate to a spreadsheet.

The creative process beacons to the nature of being human, i.e. super-simian. You need inspiration. you'll need encouragement, knowledge, dialogue, and a whole host of other tiny things that amount to a stimulating and supportive communal environment. Again, if you work for the government and are content doing so, just go away now. Save yourself the confusion and embarrassment.

I have long been without a muse. It ruined me. no joke. I had nothing to inspire me, even worse a presence (and more than one) who deemed my attempt to enjoy, suffer, ultimately to feel anything an inexcusably selfish act. I'm done with that shit. no more apologies, no more politeness for the sake of maybe making someone feel something significant as the coast of my own.

I have a muse again! It is an amazing feeling. Imagine walking across the dunes of Saharan Africa for almost four years and finally finding not just an oasis but a metropolis of refreshment. I have so much to  say, and show and do I keep burning myself out every couple of days and then i have to sleep for almost a whole 24... I can now imagine the highs and lows of a meth addict. It's kinda fun. I just wish I didn't have to crash at all... the sad thing is that my muse is so far away... We haven't really "met" in the colloquial, physical sense yet... such a strange place to be...

anywho, I felt as if i hadn't posted anything in a bit, so just had to share.... too busy cooking, painting, etc...

Ciao 4 now... formulating something more insightful to say (more so/ back on the usual rants) so i'll be back around... too much to do and so little time left.

Good gods its good to have something again.

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