Monday, December 31, 2012

Pigmy Glitter Giraffes & One-Dimensional Time Tigers

Apparently there is a "season" for animal prints in the fashion industry.

By my quickest calculations this seems to be the autumn. I wonder if that has any socio-historical correlation with the traditional agrarian post-harvest months of the "hunting season..."

Is why the all-black outfits are so popular in the winter months have something to do with the color spectrum, i.e. the sunlight will create more heat for someone wearing all black through a greater absorption of light waves?....

Can the same be said for wearing white long-sleeves and pants in summer as it would reflect more light, less it be absorbed by skin, or exposed to water leaching dessert winds?

Do the colors of spring reflect upon our natural kinship and love nature by way of imitating the emergence of leaf and flower buds?

Some things in the world of garb grab and hold slightly to these little strings of common sense... but little else does...
... especially in these post-industrial days...

Speaking of fashion, remember suffrage? Yeah, that worked.

Ever worn 6" heels, a leather mini, corset, and a studded choker?

Ever seen a Paris, London or NYC fashion show?

Do these women subject themselves to such confines...

...because it's comfortable?
...because it's affordable?
...because it's liberating?
...because it hurts so good?
...because it makes them feel,
 a greater sense of self-worth?
...because it's for each other's enjoyment?
...or is it for someone else,
but not so much anyone in particular?

I cannot complain...
to the extent that there is
a science of desire fueling,
in large part,
all this otherwise obvious insanity...

If one would take into consideration the $'s
(by the way that is the "dollar" sign, not a money sign - thus the "'s" 
- even though in this day dollar and money sorta mean the same thing in the world of finance) 
spent per annum in the combined industries of fashion;

  • Modeling - the print ads, billboards, tv spots...
  • Modeling, itself - the women (and men), the run-way shows, the press, the designer names, the Oscar/Emmy/ award-show red carpets...
  • Accessories - handbags, belts, wraps, hats, etc.
  • Lingerie - bras, panties, boi-shorts, garters, corsets, etc.
  • Make-up - lipstick, concealer, creams, mascara, blush, eyeshadow, etc.
  • Jewelry - 'nuf said.
  • The diet/ exercise industry... 
  • And the clothing itself - much like cars, the ones at the show & the ones at the stores, & the stuff Bjork wears... (I love her, but the Swan thing was too much) 

All that money, time, beauty and talent...

For what? This?...

"Desire me. Just don't look at me! I'm not a sex object, I just dress and paint myself like one. Money is't important to me, but I won't even consider a second glance unless it looks as if you can afford all these material things that I require so that I can costume the part of the thing that I've been told you desire a.k.a. the thing I don't want to be!!!!!!"

No wonder we spend so much money on drugs and "mental health."

So much for values.
So much for the person on the inside.
So, so much for being liberated from the confines of a male dominated society....

Both men and women (to different degrees) are victims of this suicidal ideology... Simply, men are conditioned to believe this is the life they should want/ will make them happy, & women are conditioned to believe this will get them the life that want/ will make them happy... men are doomed as so few women are 5'11' 120 lbs, and will stay 24 for all time... and women are doomed as so few women are 5'11' 120 lbs, and will stay 24 for all time...

and it is spreading...

think of the children!...

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