Thursday, April 18, 2013

health care for the intelligentsia

Why does it seem that the best and the brightest have no functional recourse for their woes? Free wheelers and thinkers who feel nothing but dissatisfaction with the status quo are left with the singular option to retreat to that which they attempt to change and escape from for assistance in dealing with the depression it wroughts upon them?

should there not be a care network for those that have our long term benefit in mind? Deviance is the only option for the norm is the curse. Did Kinsey not turn to deviant sex in order to seek freedom? Did Ginsburg not subject himself to electro-shock? Did Burroughs not find solice in smack? Did Hunter and Brukoski not find comfort in the bubble at the bottom of a bottle? Wells in boys? and LeTreck in Absinthe? Van Gogh in self mutilation and wine?  Let me save myself from the list of musicians. Krunk.

It begs the age old question of "why should i care?"any aspect of forethought can be described as rational thought, any response - emotion. a culmination of the two - a rationalization, aka an excuse. it begs many questions does it not?

I am going to have to apologize in advance. I am a bit of an ass when it comes to western conceptions of "mental health." As I am going through a super huge rough life change and am rather angry at all institutions that seem to only use logic and historical fact when it applies to its own justification, in addition to dispelling or mineralizing anything that may ebb at its self-proposed superiority. 
I was raised by parents with backgrounds in mental health an am still appalled at the standardized tradition of ignoring most conceptions of health that skew outside of a classical monotheistic/ western tradition. Christian concepts of sin have shaped and dictated what both illness and deviance are in the western systems. So far, literature has barely acknowledged that this is a myopic viewpoint. But beyond realizing that our accepted norms of society and health are essentially westernized monotheistic traditions, the "sociology of health and mental illness" seems to ignore most of the variety of global concepts of existence as well as historical concepts of the self. Again, those outside of the monotheistic traditions, excluding one of its most contemporary interpretations, Islam (I give the Mormons credit, where temporal credit is due) are largely ignored when it comes to institutions of health in this country. So I question a field of study where it seems the most basic questions of the larger whole appear to go unasked. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Patriot's Day bombing of the Boston Marathon... coincidence?

Just over an hour ago two bombs ripped apart the finish line celebrations of the Boston Marathon, home of the act of terrorism known as the Boston Tea Party that put the colonies on the irreversible course to forming the United State of America. Now 12 years into our war on the very tactics that were used to create us, it strikes home... again. 

In yet another odd coincidence today, this county's judiciary and its law makers are in the thick of trying to enact some level of legislation to limit law abiding citizens ability to acquire assault-like weapons. There are many load voices who would like this not to happen... and in the American tradition, if you cannot get your way through peaceable means... act out in violence, start a needless war and create a media smoke screen to distract from the actual issues...

Hmmm... could these explosions be an attempt to do just that? Derail the debate... I don't know... but like that day 11 1/2 years ago who's date was the same as the national number to dial in case of emergency (9-1-1, 9/11) and perpetrated by a militant group our own government funded and trained to defeat the U.S.S.R. in a proxy war... the holiday in the area of the country known as New England (of which one could argue Boston is the capital) that is being celebrated goes by the name of Patriots Day... what is more patriotic in this country than protecting our individual rights to bare arms? So why not do something radical in order to protect that right? 

Just sayin'

Saturday, April 6, 2013

WTF World? Shakily coexisting opposites.

If marriage and the subsequent attempt to share one’s life, taught me one thing, its that we’re all gonna burn.  Trying to believe in both free will and causality simultaneously forces one into situations where there have to be separate rules for individual cases as well as that the application of those rules will be piecemeal and corrupted, thus any type of actual system is impossible and the only thing left is madness.

My great dilemma is that I am stuck at a period of time when my species is choosing to ignore what little it understands about the workings of the universe, to the great detriment of all life on Earth.
It would seem that nothing I could do would change anything in a productive manner. Sure I could influence the world in a negative manner, theoretically, via extreme eco-terrorism such as attempting to cover Antarctic ice with dark soil with the intent to accelerate melting in order to flood coastal cities, or detonate a nuclear device at the upriver base of anyone of the worlds great damns creating a wall of radioactive water that could flatten any communities downstream, but there is nothing other that targeting and reducing the human race, as a whole, that could potentially starve off the likes of a humanitarian and ecological disaster as dramatic as the Crimean Extinction.

Communism and Socialism, in the West, have a stigma attached to them due to the horrors associated with the repression of peoples under various communist rules. The problem here is that communism ultimately failed do to the manipulation wrought by individuals, but primarily the lack of technology needed to hear the voice of the people, and that none of the major communist players were a post-capitalist society; all of them were essentially pre-industrial at the time of their communist conversion.
As it stands, there are only about ten countries are currently ripe for a post-capitalist revolution, where due to the eventual nature of capitalism the cord that bridges the battle cry of  “free enterprise” and the disparity of wealth that inherently grows with market share control (otherwise known as wealth). But especially in America, we are so close to the cliff that we’ve just shut our eyes and started screaming. Concerning the global economy, when the debt bubble soon bursts, the following bubbles will not exist as they used to and will return to being based on the real-time availability of food, water, and fuel and less on immaterial markets. We will have entered into combat with each other and everyone.