Sunday, September 15, 2013

Would the real Saints please stand up?

So it’s Sunday again in New Orleans, and there will be much time and energy devoted to Football, The Christian God, and fruity/ spicy drinks named after a murderer.  For me, Sundays are a day of reflection and contemplation. Opening my eyes to blurred lines and gospel serenading me WWOZ style, to stagger through a few pints of iced coffee, burn a gram of high-test, and bacon I talk to myself & look inward to focus my view of what’s around me.
Keep in mind that as a nihilist and a strict determinalist, just about everything for me is in question… but then, what choice do I have?

I worry about my fellow sapiens, for from what I can tell most of the other homos are busy fretting and killing themselves over a bunch of bears that aren’t even there, save for inside their own heads. And so many have entered into contracts of eternal servitude in order to pursue this mutually agreed upon insanity. They all seem miserable slaving away to pay notes for shiny cars, slightly toxic domiciles, and “food” that hasn’t seen the sun in a week & that comes wrapped in skins of processed petrochemicals all so it looks better basking under muzac & artificial lights & climate.

Spinning around on this rock in the thick of its mid-life-crisis (yup, Earth is almost 5 billion, and the sun will expand in about that many years. So…) one has to pause and question the meaning of it all. Seriously, What the fuck are you doing with your measly 69 years? Makin’ babies and a mortgage payment? Good for you. Ever take some time to question why you’re even here – humanity that is?

Surely survival from one day to the next is a main concern, but if the buck stops there, you might as well be a dog or a deer. Clearly, in spite of how much people hate each other, as a whole we’ve beaten the living to the next day game. Or have we? We seem fairly content to pollute, scarify, and burn this world into a nightmare for our grandbabies that is so horrifying millions of the most materially enriched of us are willing to do whatever it takes to deny that we have any responsibility as stewards of the only slice of life we have yet been able to find.

So on this day of gridiron and prayer, consider what a good X’tian would do… Open ones’ arms and home to whomever may be passing by without judgment based on tone, temperament or faith. For it is as Dylan hath written, whether you are a Saint or Buccaneer we can all agree that you both believe that one of you will win despite that you both have God on your side. And by all means, keep on qualifying your success in life by how much more you can consume than the next guy. Amen.