Saturday, March 9, 2013

"All men are created equal"

Watching a Ken Burns on Thomas Jefferson and I don't understand what is so mystifying about the phrase,
"All men are created equal." It seems to me, to quite clearly be a conditional phrase concerning individual freedoms, in that the freedom to be an individual (in whatever way) is counterbalanced by having to take responsibility for for infringing upon anyone else's equal freedom to do the same.

Apparently, Jefferson was an emancipationist which would explain the craftiness of that phrase...

"all men are crated equal"

Thus, you can do whatever you want, but if that gets in the way of somebody else trying to do whatever they want... there's going to have to be a compromise. So, if one, through their own actions, which they have every freedom to do, disrupts or prevents someone else from perusing their freedom to do whatever they want, they should be held accountable for disrupting the balance in which all men are created equal.

 One can go wherever they can in relation to how much that journey disrupts the natural and inherent equality of all men.

Consider, the term equality in a mathematical sense such as balancing an equation...

Individual right to have the opportunity to do whatever = Everyone elses' individually equal opportunity to do whatever they want.

You can't read that phrase and pretend to understand what is being said without considering the literary and intellectual influences as well as the social context (and constraints) of the time and place.