Thursday, April 18, 2013

health care for the intelligentsia

Why does it seem that the best and the brightest have no functional recourse for their woes? Free wheelers and thinkers who feel nothing but dissatisfaction with the status quo are left with the singular option to retreat to that which they attempt to change and escape from for assistance in dealing with the depression it wroughts upon them?

should there not be a care network for those that have our long term benefit in mind? Deviance is the only option for the norm is the curse. Did Kinsey not turn to deviant sex in order to seek freedom? Did Ginsburg not subject himself to electro-shock? Did Burroughs not find solice in smack? Did Hunter and Brukoski not find comfort in the bubble at the bottom of a bottle? Wells in boys? and LeTreck in Absinthe? Van Gogh in self mutilation and wine?  Let me save myself from the list of musicians. Krunk.

It begs the age old question of "why should i care?"any aspect of forethought can be described as rational thought, any response - emotion. a culmination of the two - a rationalization, aka an excuse. it begs many questions does it not?

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