Wednesday, December 26, 2012

the big, hard, throbbing... bargain

A lessoned learned. When you are worried every day about how you will house and feed you and yours, you don't have the capacity to concern yourself with what may happen years from now.

If you live day to day, paycheck to paycheck you don't have the luxury of concern for the future of the biggest issue facing all of humanity; the environment and how to sustain these huge concepts like the health of the world's rain forests, or the world ocean - there is only one, the P, A, I, A, & S are all connected so they really aren't individuals...

My point being, choose one. You can't have both.

Either vacuum every resource you can as fast as you can in order to change the daily reality that 70% of the people on this planet are worried about having food TODAY, and every day following it....


Reduce the need for food. Cull the hungry hoard.

Yup. Super fucked up and an impossible reality to face with any sort of "feeling."

But what would you rather. Just tomorrow, or tomorrow AND twenty years from now?

Which life system of this planet is not in serious peril within the next ten years? Seriously. NAME ONE!

Oh, sigh. You can't with a straight face, can you?

Funny thing about life, it's all interdependent. Loose one, you'll loose 'em all.

So. Kill everything, saving our own species to whittle itself away until we are the last species standing...

...or exercise a harsh but necessary level of self control in order to save it all?

Do you walk from the table with a few chips still in hand or bet the farm on a losing game?

Eden or the Sahara?

Neither has too many people, but which sounds like a better place to eek out a life?


No. Really. "12 Monkeys"  or "Mad Max?"

it's late. i'll post the math tomorrow. 

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