Monday, December 24, 2012

"Irresistible" co-workers.

Office romances and the sub-set of subsequent affairs is a sacred institution of capitalism which is now under attack.

Seven short-sighted and fearful viagra dependent men have put this practice under serious threat paramount to open season on endangered species of wolves.

Earlier this week an I.O.W.A. (idiots out wandering around; an American political battleground state)  have issued a unanimous ruling on a case i doubt very much that they ever thought much about considering the legal president they were setting.

It was decided that it is legal to fire an otherwise exemplary employee on the grounds that said employee is physically "irresistible."

Okay… So if you're hot, you shouldn't be aloud to work because you are now an imminent threat to your otherwise less attractive co-workers.

Now,  the case in question was centered around a married male boss whom, under scrutiny from his wife, was persuaded to fire his diligent and professional female assistant on the sole basis that she was too attractive…

…avoiding the reDICKulous issue of marital commitment vs. extramarital sex in America…

…all blatant stupidity aside, the thing that worries me about this ruling is the legal president that has been set here…

What if the boss was female? This ruling threatens the future employment of all sexy pool boys around the world!

What if the boss was gay? or bi? Did any one of these short-sighted mid-west puritanical peons consider what they were doing?

What about models? The whole point of that job is to be irresistible? The future of that entire industry of "sex sells" is now under legal peril… not to forget Hollywood… Kristen Stewart and Ryan Phillipie your careers are in serious jeopardy!!!

Would you buy jeans that look as if they were painted on if the only ones legally aloud to model them were physically akin to Hillary Clinton? I think not!!!

(BTW, nothing specifically against Hillary's politics but good grief, one thing she is not is a looker)

So in a nation of materialism, where the sales of consumer crap is the basis of a solid chunk of the economy, SEX sells! These man have put the fundamentals of marketing to our impulse driven lifestyle under fire…

As judges, and likely former lawyers, these men should have at the very least considered the legal president that they were about to set - even in the most single-minded hetero, old-school thought this is a grave example of out right stupidity.

Will someone out there seriously challenge this threat to our way of life?

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