Sunday, December 16, 2012

The logical future of climate change - by looking at history.

It's simple. Catastrophic global climate transformation is going to happen.

Humans are no more rational, nor less immediate than any other species. We WILL exhaust our food supply through population growth, shifting climates, and poisoning of our fresh water supplies.

This will, in turn, force the hand of the larger mechanics of life, in that when there isn't enough food to support a global population of 8 billion + there will be a sharp decline in the human population.

Remember the famines of the Ukraine in the 1930's?

(I'm not posting those images, look them up yourself. That shit is even too bleak for me.)

Easter Island?

Granted, thanks to Soylent Green, a.k.a. sophisticated cannibalism, some of us will continue to survive and reproduce.

And in the light of having to suffer through this new paradigm people might proactively change their behaviors (and society) to accommodate continued survival, otherwise eventually there won't be any other option.

There will be a long period of polarization of life on this planet but the fittest WILL survive. It is just going to be an ugly planet when all that will be left is you, me, and the microbes, baby.

So just keep doing what you've always done, accept pour fate, and if you don't want to think about the scary bits take some more TV & SOMA.

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