Friday, December 7, 2012

The Quality of an Idea

It is not the character of the person who came up with the idea that matters... 

It's the trueness and validity and pragmatism of an idea that is of greatest (and really only) concern...

Example; say a alcoholic, identity stealing,  murdering baby rapist,

was able to create cures for AIDS, Cancer and all forms of degenerative brain disorders...

would you NOT use those cures

simply because you found the the history of behavior of that person "bad?"

So the next time you here new idea, but its unorthodox,

and the person saying it doesn't look or sound like you,

or has done thing you don't approve of,

just imagine that it's someone you admire and/or respect saying those weird new things,

and judge the idea for the idea, not because of who's saying it.

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