Saturday, December 15, 2012

insanity and guns

There was yet another spree shooting in America recently.

Followed immediately by endless public dribble about feelings and policy and justice etc...

...and the need for CHANGE! whatever the hell that means... I can assume as to the vague and slippery concept of change which these cries call for, as well as to the fact that I can assume if these vocals were pressed really hard to examine what they are saying, they would descend into a whirlpool of contradictions.

And upon reading my favorite liberal ass-wipe rag (NY Times) there were several uses of the term "mental illness." Specifically, that those with a history of it should be limited in their access to gun ownership.


When that term is used what type of "mental illness" is being labeled here?

Depression? Schizoid? Vertigo? The idea that some external being that can't be proven to exist is dictating some code that if not followed your soul will be punished for all eternity? Or, is mental illness believing that the shadows on the cave wall are not all that is reality? Or, is accepting the word of another unconditionally because that other has a piece of paper that says to you that this other knows... stuff...

or is mental illness the inability to distinguish between Savoir and Connetre? (two verbs in French which both immediately translate into English as "to know" but mean damn near opposite things.)


Or is "mental illness" just whatever the DSM 5 tells me so?

I realize that for the sake of making an abstract point, I am interchanging Insanity and mental illness a bit... but can the generally informed average policy maker (or voter) tell the difference?

Let's have this same debate again next time somebody uses a gun for violence.

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