Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The whole gorganzola

My personal theory of macro-micro thinking and seeing:

Consider first... the universe is made up of parts and for the sake of argument, we'll use Atoms a convenient unit of measurement.

There is a huge misnomer that atoms are "mostly empty space." Well, that's fucking impossible. Kinda like that outer-space isn't really a "vacuum".  There can't be nothing there... so the parlance of our time is "dark matter." A nice little term that describes 99.9% of everything in existence... you know all that stuff, like space, that isn't there... but has to be... if it were not there, there wouldn't be any distance between bits, say electrons and protons... something has to separate them...

There is no such thing as nothing.

We just can't measure most of it well, or at all.

Now, we have slapped a happy label on it, like "space." And since we cannot touch it and we haven't had (until recently) a easy name for it... which means thinking about it (dark matter) makes people very uncomfortable.

The new problem is that we are using one happy little word to describe most of existence.
double weak.

so now,

If you are composed of Atoms... and Atoms are mostly "dark matter," it stands to reason that you are mostly "dark matter"
Every goth in America can now take a little more ____, blink, and make the "Whoa" face and whisper "cooooool maannnnnn." 

But what is "dark matter made of? uh oh.... rabbit hole time.... for every smaller unit one can devise, somebody else will ask what smaller units compose it... there is no bottom!

This is key here, so I will repeat it. For every "smallest thing" one can ask what that thing is made of. Endless theoretical division... THERE IS NO BOTTOM; the smallest thing you can imagine, visualize cutting it in two. See?

Sooooo... while keeping that whole process in mind... let's walk in the opposite direction, up instead of down.

Now, the world is a big place; all the landmasses, oceans and all the creatures that fill the planet we live on. Think about how many microbial organisms there are in a hand-full of soil, or cup of seawater. Next, consider how many hand-fulls of dirt and cups of water it would take to add up to make the entire Earth. And how many atoms do you think there are in a single grain of sand, or drop of water?

How very... Carl Segan?

Moving on up, it's no secret that there is more to this world than just the planet earth...

... there is Mars, and Jupiter and an asteroid belt...

... and this star we call SUN...

... Oooo, and if you look up on a clear night, standing alone in a field, you'll see a few more stars...

... so, the expanse of the universe is rather large, all things considered. And thanks to Doppler, we have been able to establish that it is still expanding. Very fast. In all directions. And in multiple dimensions. But expanding into what?


HA! Nothing still does not exist! It can't. But we already covered that. And if nothing can't exist when it comes to shrinking of scale, it seems that nothing should still not be able to exist when it comes to increasing scale... right?

Well, what is the universe expanding into then... itself?

Maybe... but one thing we know for sure; the universes' area is ever expanding. Every time you can think of the largest volume of space imaginable, it grows more...

So, one can then infer the opposite of our previous conclusion; THERE IS NO TOP.

And what do you get if you have no top and no bottom?


Well, yes. But no.

Think of it this way then... if you run as fast and as far as you can in opposite directions, and either way you go you arrive at the same point... where are you?

It's called a loop.

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