Wednesday, December 5, 2012

put your $ where your ass is.

I just read a great article on students standing up for climate change by asking their colleges to remove fossil fuel companies from the investment portfolios of each schools' endowment.

NY TIMES link; To Stop Climate Change, Students Aim at College Portfolios

It's a great idea, and it seems to be working, at least some places... so far.

Now, given that nobody really debates the rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere  and that any agree that this rise in this one compound has... shall we say... an effect on atmospheric conditions on a global scale, in the specific sense of a warming trend, one could argue that there is some rationality to reversing the trend of adding more CO2 (etc.) to the proverbial fire.

Some of the many reasons that fossil fuels are so awesome to invest in is that; everybody buys them - most want more than they can get, FF's also are relatively cheap (for now) to extract considering the price they (FF's) fetch on the highly regulated, far from open, market. Oh, and did i forget to mention that we're all useless junkies when it comes to the stuff, just count how many times you encounter a polymer on any given day.

Any talk of FF's and/ or climate change always makes me think of the only place i've every really thought of as a home, New Orleans... Cheers.

... and Tulane is as brilliantly and majestically as warped an institution as the city she's in...

(btw, that is high praise, just so ya know)

... anyway, I was musing upon reading the previously noted article on what the scenario could be for the 'ol Green Wave if confronted with a rising tide of anti-FF sentiment. Hilarious to play out in one's mind when you consider the vast network and tanker-fulls of money that the FF industry sloshes around with in Southern Louisiana... and if you're the go-to alumni destinations of good ole boys from the Garden District as well as hurricane hunting hippies and trustifarians... Look Out!

Considering the campus is roughly sea level, surrounded by water, CO2 levels and climate change and sea level rise should be of the utmost concern... in jest a few years, who can actually say how fast the water will rise... how long will the levees hold? but like i said, given the city it's in...

- now i don't claim to know the first thing about how anyone actually handles their money, college, individual, city, whatever... but it is money, it's how we all get along...

So... would you put your money where your ass is? Yesterday, today, or tomorrow?

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