Saturday, December 15, 2012

How educational are the "Reality" shows on HIST, DISC, & TLC, etc...? and how are they not the sign of the end of days?

uhhhhhhhhh. where did shark week go?

if you are of the sort who needs to be bludgeoned with random light and sound then Ice Road Truckers is your cup of tea. but then you probably would scoff at tea time... unless it's golf. 

I was in a conversation with someone a few weeks ago and they said to me, "I read for entertainment. I don't want to have to think about." 

my thought, "this is someone who has tested at near genius levels. (A.C.T./ S.A.T.) we're all fucking doomed. doomed by each other."

when did the concept of thinking gain such a sinister connotation? i have to fight my own gag reflex when i re-read that last sentence. oh god! i just read it again.

it is this awful Orwell-ian death spiral which argues for the immediate, unflinching, eradication "popular mentality's" source. 

as i look over my shoulder to see big brother watching


how does one beat this trend back?

Certainly not with "Honey Boo-boo" or "Bamazon" (p.s. History Channel, your episode 'The Heart of Darkness' refers to a book written by Conrad that is set in Africa. The Amazon is on a different continent. Try reading Conrad, once) or any other show with the ridiculously absurd concept like "Amish Mafia"

It's true. Booze did fuel much of this country. Still does. That, and guns, and money, and God.

Phew, there's a ideological packet & personal history to be proud of. Why can't we just be honest that that is how we roll. And that since booze is so harmless (ever been to an AA meeting?) why shouldn't the rest of the world want to the greedy, drunken, Bible thumping, heat packing, fear mongering, piece of shit sots like us?

yet i digress. again.

Well, time to pick up a case of Milwaukee's best (i'm not sure if i should capitalise 'best' there or not for a more effective double pun...), turn on some educational programming, clean my gun (also a pun), and thank god that we (Americans) are the masters of the universe. Join or DIE!

Peace. And Merry CHRISTmas.

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