Monday, December 17, 2012


Let's play a game. 

a real game. 

not this weak shit that involves a ball or wicket or team or court.

a real game,

that may involve your little brain;

I'm gonna propose an object. 

and you're gonna tell me what you see...

i dont want you to name the object.

i dont want you to stop at what it is made of

i don't want you to stop at how its made

i don't want you to stop at what purpose it serves, initially.
or in any given circumstance

i don't want you to stop at the historical ramifications and functionality of what it is.
or how that functionality has changes over all of history

nor should you stop at the variations of the makers
or the materials from which it was made or how those materials were forged

or the genesis of those materials concerning the natural world

or the geo- or genealogical evolution of said raw materials

or the epistemology of the social evolution of those previously mentioned naturally born materials 

or the geological time rifts that led to the origin of those things that led to the natural elements and materials of which said object was ultimately forged from

or the rocks that lead to the formation of the planet that led to said previous

or the stardust of which all that jazz ultimately came from...........................

errrrrr, now its power-ball time...

moving forward in the eternal doughnut of time and space....

consider (at the same time which you hold all these previous particulars) where is it all going?
extrapolate entropy

the next evolution of this modified stardust...

how will it ultimately be disassembled in time...

and then where does it go after that?

and after this planet is swallowed by the sun?

and then as the universe folds back into itself billions of years from now...

now. if you can only describe what i display...

where did the planet come from?
where did life come from?
follow the subatomic molecules...
now how did the tree come about?
and humans?
and the desire to sit?
and society?
and the carpenter? 
and the factory?
and the people to market it to? 
and the store that sells it?
and the kindling it will become in a heap or hearth?
and then what?
follow it to the end of time....

welcome to how i see the world.

feeling a tad bit isolated and confused and insignificant, etc.?

now drink yourself to sleep as i do,

i'll bring up the dreams i fear some other time.

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