Saturday, December 15, 2012

History, Humanity, and easy concepts

I'm listening to a great doc on the eastern front of the entire WWII. 

USSR vs. Natzis. Stalin vs. Hitler. 

Two of the proudest ancestries of central Europe, now lead by two psychopaths, duking it out at the dawn of the post industrial age! Balls to that Showtime! I just shot your entire library to confetti, truth is always better than fiction. And knowledge is sexy.

The history of an often neglected (as far as the U.S. is concerned) aspect of one of the world's most consuming wars is a highly engaging visual/ audio composition to be watching as I try and work out in words the logical structure and organization of the universe (atoms contain no "empty space" while holding the same truth that the universe is as big as it is, AND that it is constantly expanding AND what is it expanding into?).

Girrrrr, I might have to switch over to Vietnam to finish this other post...  oh right, they call it "The American War." France, you got to thank us for that one. We fucked up the people a tropical paradise waaaay worse that you could have. And thus, the war & its legacy carries my home country's name.

Agent Orange: Vietnam After 51 Years *Graphic Photos*
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...see also, "Battle's Poison Cloud" on the Netflix...

And now, we're repeating our compassionate poisoning and bombing of farmers in Columbia in the name of fighting our financially favorite pass-time, DRUGS!!!!

And you think this shit (Agent Orange) just goes away? nope. bioaccumulation much? Thanks Dow & Monsanto.

And, as usual, I have wandered to the dark places (that's for you, you know who),

and the pinnacle of human conflict and the limitlessness of the horrors & depravity is my background music to contemplating the universe.

hmmm.... I wonder where the two concepts overlap......

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