Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Headless chickens in search of giving head

The world is at a new dawn...

I digress, not the dish soap...

So many people are so lost.

what do they got?, but simple paycheck tomorrow?

gems? Facebook friends? a 401K worth half what was meant to be?

two weeks vacation, and shared custody?

do all these turmoils and hustle really make YOU happy?

ask yourself.... no, really.

take a sip and a moment.

when was the last time numbers did not factor into your evaluation of your life...

... and contentment?


are you actually working towards anything?

other than a number? a number... rent, interest, credit ratting, retirement....?

is that the value of your life?

a number? a number you have no real tangible attachment to....

other than a number you may be able to pass along to your next generation?

is that the sum total of all your experiences, loves, losses, and learned?

is that all you got? 

just a fucking set of digits? not simply your fingers and toes, but something much less tangible than that?

is your genenic code reduced to a bank account #, are you nothing more to your kin than a routing # + interest? 

Is that what you grew up to be?

Look you or your kids in the eye.

no really LOOK.

look through tomorrow, and yesterday, and a generation from now...

are you working for today, or just tomorrow only...?

or are you painfully looking yet?

what kind of world have you suffered though?

are you making a better place for those of yours, too young to have any influence, on the existence that they will have to bare?

this is a time for all of us to sociologically attempt some sort of "i will do better."

So what you gonna do?

buy fancy for now?

or learn, invest & try?

the future is the world your kin will have to survive...

the horrors you thought were so unbearable,

will be revisited upon yours, so much worse that you can conceive,

unless you make a resolution today, tonight...

to construct a better place for you & yours.

not tomorrow, but yesterday.

so if you give just a tiny piece of shit...

save not yourselves,

but your loved ones,

from the eventual tomorrow.



p.s. don't hate me, for I hate you not, just trying to make you see what i do.

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