Monday, January 28, 2013

Petite people eat bagels, soul searchers eat croissants.

Watch which type eat one or the other.

I dont have anything against bagels (they're fun to make), I just sympathize with cafe au lait existentialists and enjoy that pastry's cosmopolitan history dating back to the ancient Turkish empire. One cannot move forward without recognizing and accepting change in a global and temporal viewpoint.

I'm not sure of how close to the heart my favorite film is, but to me Apocalypse Now Redux captures a spirit I see in to few.

The Rand-ian, purist mentality of Conrad appears to be lost on most.

If to do one thing so well that it approaches on the perfect way, it is to remove oneself from humanity. For the two are not contingent. That is the dichotomy of reason and emotion. By choosing one or the other, or both, you choose to remove oneself from the greater populous of mediocrity. The mass is neither one nor the other, and in the very rarest sense; both.

To be an emotive purist is to be the likes of Mozart or Van Gogh. To be the other, a pure logatition,  is to be likened to those of Sarte or Nietzsche or Marx. Either way one is to be damned and at the very least misunderstood. Yet to try and be both is the most purest Mercutio, to be slain for attempting to explain the Mab.

Color and vision are but one tiny way of experience, and some do it well.

taste and smell may grant one a few Michellene stars.

the sense of true touch could be the haute of Don Juan.

the experience of time and physical space, in the most far out, one may become a Sagan or Hawking.

the pangs of the heart & mind; Shakespeare, or at the very least Wilde.

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