Wednesday, January 23, 2013

humanistic fears & polar bears

It's funny... people put a ton of stock in honesty and feeling. However in my experience these are the two aspects of humanity that those proponents are most afraid of hearing. It seems ludicrous that the two aspects of humanity people seem to prize the most are the same two they are most reluctant to face.

In relationships, the paramount of truth seems to be white lies. And the thing a significant other appears the least wiling to accept is an honest appraisal of ones self. If one happens to find themselves in a relationship where stark and brutal honesty is what happens to be the glue of the couple; DON'T LEAVE! everything else will boil you down to the worst of whom you are, as that is what you keep from the other.
The-rapist will tell you either or both, don't listen to "him." It's neither.

What is it with the dissolution of honesty. more or less the dichotomy?

I just am confused. what are the criteria for when it is appropriate to lie for the sake of the greater good and when is it best to tell the painful truth to save oneself from further contradictions?

When someone says, "I need time alone." when is that a true statement and when is that a call for emotional assistance?

The thing that kills me is that there is no standard. There is no way to say weather a statement is an honest plea or a trick of reverse psychology.

And through diligent attempts; the option of the middle ground of sparse yet constant attempts fills 100% of the time...

FuCK ThaT!

When did lying become a dangerous necessity to be balanced with a sorta-kinda, when it is needed, honesty?

I hate trying to get close to another person, but that is all i want to do. Loneliness is the single worst condemnation to an individual.

Case in point; solitary confinement has never been used as a reward for behavior, on the contrary; call Alcatraz, and the Birdman, solitary is punishment.

If i didn't take so much enjoyment from a physical and emotional encounter, i would give up sexuality altogether.   This shit is too stressful and bassackwards.

Why is it that love and lying are so entwined? It i not that i don't find the use  in both but the two really should be kept separate. Material wealth requires deception whereas honesty and emotion mix like oil and water... So WTF?

Why is it that the two most important truths and the two most important types of lies are inseparable?

Why does it seem that continuity is the most illusive bobkat in the society I am forced to live in?

Until I get a real answer, could I just find someone to love, who will love me for being a human?

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