Friday, May 24, 2013

Illusion of Individuality pt. 10


A second catastrophic, systemic problem arising from the concept of the individual is that of disparity of wealth over the whole of humanity. As long as this concept of being separate and individual remains in existence any legitimate possibility of true equality will be impossible. We all require the same basic resources to survive. Sure if someone is injured either physically or psychologically they will temporarily require some assistance, which is analogous to needing more resources than an otherwise healthy person. However if a person is healthy, which is to say that he/ she is in a state of equilibrium, there is no legitimate justification for him/ her claiming more than what could be viewed as his/ her fair share of the commons.[i]
Conversely, if some individuals are allowed to have more than their fair share, it follows that there will not enough resources for others, otherwise known as the Tragedy of the Commons.[ii] When this trend persists, those who claim more for themselves will use that more that they already have to assume a position of power based on them having more which will then provide them the opportunity to amass and even greater level of inequity.[iii] Consider the phrase “It takes money to make money.” This works both ways. If one has no money it would seem impossible for them to make any money. On the other hand, if one has a great deal of money that would facilitate a more rapid acquisition of even grater wealth. Whereas if this concept of “mine, not yours” that is intrinsic to the concept of being an individual were to be discarded, and equity and equilibrium were to take its place the possibility of disparity of wealth would cease to be possible. The possibility of the aforementioned equilibrium becomes increasingly more difficult as the population expands though.

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