Thursday, May 9, 2013

Democracy Now. No.... NOW... alright, wait for it.......

We should probably stop voting in America.

The process seems to do more harm than good. Election years are painful. Political ads are awful. Media coverage of government is anything but objective. Many millions are spent to elect people who for the most part are more focused on consolidating personal power, influence, and a private pension rather than representing the concerns and interests of the citizens they supposedly represent. Remember that gun control legislation that ¾ of people polled supported that politicians killed? How about the 11-year war against Saddam’s Weapons of mass destruction/ the Mujahideen we trained and armed back in the 1980’s who now go by the name the Taliban? Or perhaps the deregulation of the financial markets cuz in that one and only sector rules are bad? Maybe even the handling of the financial mess that resulted from deregulation? Or maybe that it's considered a victory that in only 1/4 of this country its legal for people to marry whoever they want? I would argue that the majority of people probably were never really gun-ho about how politicians handles those issues. And we call ourselves free. 
Once upon there was this group of colonies that sorta-kinda got together to protest that this group of old, rich, entitled white dudes a quarter around the globe away was imposing laws and taxation which these colonies thought were unjust as they had no representation in the creation and enforcement of these rules. Their battle-cry was “No taxation without representation!” and as they had no army of their own the formed militias and partook in acts of terrorism in order to achieve their desired ends.

Could we try that again? Something of a coup maybe? A revolution?

The business of democratic elections is out of control. Time to declare bankruptcy, sell off any remaining assets, scrap the rest and move on. We gots the internets now, it’s cheap & easy, just like a good date, so let’s get busy already.

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