Thursday, November 29, 2012

The day of lies

Once upon a time several years ago, I realized that those in positions of authority have little reason to be there.

A sad thought indeed. Even worse because I was thirteen. No, it wasn't the ridiculously ugly divorce my parents were in the middle of.  Nor was it the jarring transition from a school with a grade size of under thirty to a school where that was the size of a class. And there were four times as many strange faces.

Nope, it was science class. The teacher, a geeky kinda crusty personality with graying hair and the body of his middle-sized late middle-aged frame. He was giving a lecture on the planets, solar system, etc.

He way saying how 'space' was a vacuum. there was nothing.

This struck me as just flat-out ridiculous. How can the sun be 149,000,000 miles away and yet there be nothing in-between, separating the two.

So, i asked him about it.

He stuck to his guns. It was all just empty space. Nothing.

So, i said something along the lines of, "o.k. so it appears there is nothing in between us, empty space right...? but we know that there are actually a bunch of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, blah, blah blah.... so even though we cannot see it there is something there. So, what are the particles that make up space? It has to be something, otherwise all the stars and planets and such would be touching - if there were in fact nothing, a complete vacuum, in between all these objects. So, what's that stuff?"

He stuck to his guns.

I stuck to mine.

He stayed in class.

He sent me to the office.

Yup, i've always been punished, in some way, for asking questions.

Try it! Ask actual questions of people? A good one to start with is why are you buying that? Or did you ever really stop and realize that you are what you eat? Chew on that one.

If you do....... Your life will suck like a carp with a top model Shark stuck up its ass trying to vacuum out its little fish-balls.

And you'll be scared and alone, but deep down who already isn't anyway...

People will begin to dismiss you just as a status quo, because your sentences are to long, theories to abstract or big.... and you may start drinking a lot. More.

But the one thing you won't be without anymore is a cool sense of comfort. Cool like a February on the west side of Ireland. Each day will be fairly gray, but when the sun pokes through the clouds everything is lush and green and magic and deafening beauty swirling with blinding music. Tomorrow may be a bitch, but eternity is pretty awesome.

Ciao 4 Now. Box wine & BBQ ribs.  

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