Sunday, November 4, 2012


So, welcome. The idea here is to ask questions. For, I fundamentally believe that we (as a cultural species) are missing the point. There are many facets and issues to consider, that complicate the hell out of things. But there seems, to me, to be a way to find progress without so much destruction. This applies to our social institutions, our use of language and resources. This is about the haves and the have-nots, and what exactly does each have and not have? What is so good about good? What about that which is negatively affected by good? In that way, to examine what makes us prosperous in all aspects of life, and are we doing the right things to get that? And how could one, if one doesn't think so?
Again, the idea here is to ask questions. Then ask questions about those questions. There may not come a clear or defined answer, but in asking questions one can achieve a more dynamic picture of an idea. That's also where you come in; ask your own questions, share differing experiences, or options. Nothing is off-limits, so to speak, but just try not to be rude. Opinionated is good, saying things without having any actual point to endorse, not so much. That's because in addition to flexing that spongy-grey organ between our ears, I'm also here to have fun.

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