Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In All the Way. hehehe

So that meaning of life thing I brought up earlier... Stewards of all live, proliferation of life, a return to logic and learning from the world instead of trying to subjugate it... Well, I think we should force a global dystopia in order to cull the radically over populated world... Yes, life as a whole would suffer horribly & immensely with the failure of chemical & nuclear containment; but some would prevail... This cheap, rosy permutation of the apocalypse offered up by shows or films Revolution, Waterworld, Category 6, and even Supervolcano sickens me.

What it seems to me that people don't understand is that if only two or three of the dozens of serious looming instabilities (climate, oil, fresh water, food supply, infrastructure, economy, war, disease, natural disasters, etc.) tip too far. They keep growing, unfettered, fueled by as well as fueling the other teetering instabilities... Soon there after, like any exponential growth graph..... THEY ALL GO, ALL THE WAY!

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