Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dear American Politicians

Dear American Politicians,

It’s funny how the most Christian departments of government are the first on the, especially the conservative right’s, chopping block; education, food assistance programs, veterans’, women’s health, environmental agencies…

... in these times perhaps the most Christian of all are the environmental agencies as all God’s creatures are in peril. Whether or not you agree with the 99% consensus among the published & peer reviewed scientific community that humans are affecting planetary systems such as climate, you have to be reasonable and at least allow that such a thing as pollution exists. And that by it's very nature, pollution has a negative impact on the health of people and animals alike.  Thus it would be impossible to deny that many lives are threatened do to the overwhelming amount of pollution our one species has created. And as humans we have the power to stop it. 

So for all those of you out there who are so convicted that a single life is so sacred that is must be protected even at the risk and/ or detriment of other lives... Life begins at the creation of a single cell; there is really no question about it. Consciousness may arrive late, but new life (for the sake of this argument) is a scientific pinpoint. If life is so sacred, that one woman cannot have the right to extinguish one life, than abortion is the least of your moral concerns. Every time you help subsidize Big Oil, or Monsanto, the military complex, or any old vanguard of the age of combustion-based industry you endanger and kill millions of individual lives - from the lives of the exploited native people to the flora and fauna, to the consumer who is unaware of the true cost of whatever product, both locally and globally. It’s crisis time, so put your money and votes where your mouth and eternal soul lie.

God has all the time in the world to watch the rich squabble over money and power and influence via human politics, while the charge of stewardship of the planet goes unheeded...

We do not.

"Historically," God has little patience for politics.

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